Monitoring of the Investment

For the government to effectively monitor compliance, it should:

  1. Map out the government and investor obligations in the contract and relevant legislation; and
  2. Identify contacts in the relevant ministries and government agencies that will be responsible for  ensuring the government complies with its contractual obligations and the investor carries out its operations in accordance with its contractual obligations and the standards it has agreed to meet. This should also include ensuring that the efforts of each government department involved in monitoring the investment are coordinated and inter-linked to maximize the government’s ability to oversee the investment.

In relation to the extractive industries sector, the World Bank Group’s contract monitoring roadmap details the steps and actions that need to be carried out to effectively monitor the implementation and operation of extractive industry investments.

Key Tools At This Stage

EI Contract Monitoring RoadmapGuidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAsNRGI Guide to the EITI StandardNRGI Enforcing the Rules