Integrating Climate Considerations into Agricultural Investment Decision-making and Governance

Our research explores opportunities to integrate climate considerations into approval processes for agricultural investments. This is important for both mitigation and adaptation purposes, as climate variability continues to disrupt agricultural production and as governments seek to rise to the challenges wrought by the climate crisis.

This work began as we sought to identify concrete opportunities and challenges in Senegal, as part of Columbia World Projects.

We now have broadened our research beyond Senegal, and are developing suggestions for how other low- and middle-income governments can consider climate in their decision-making around, and governance of, agricultural investments. This work aims to support governments in aligning investment processes with climate objectives. It also helps to identify how climate-related information can be used by communities seeking to protect their rights and interests in the context of investment.

A short publication will be available later in 2021. This work, which is undertaken under ALIGN and supported by FCDO, also helps to inform the technical support we provide to governments and civil society under ALIGN.