Guidance for Communities Interacting with Investors

CCSI is partnering with Namati, a legal empowerment organization, to produce a guide for communities and their advisors, including those within Namati’s network of paralegals, regarding their interactions with investors. The guidance will help in assessing whether to negotiate with investors seeking to make land investments, and, if so, issues to consider when doing so.

This project builds off of earlier and ongoing work by both Namati and CCSI, including CCSI’s Directory of Community Guidance on Agreements relating to Agriculture or Forestry Investments, which pulls together relevant resources that can be used by communities in their interactions with investors over land. In addition, in March 2017, CCSI presented a paper on community-investor agreements tied to agricultural and forestry investments, highlighting the “state of play” around such agreements, and providing concrete recommendations on how the agreements, and practices around them, can be improved. In drafting the paper, CCSI collected and analyzed more than 40 community-investor agreements. A final version will be available soon. This work is part of a series of projects and activities, supported by UK DFID, looking at legal support gaps in the context of land-based investments.