Negotiation-Support-Final-Print-2_Page_1-236x300The Negotiation Support Portal (available in English and French) is an online web portal that aims to improve the accessibility and visibility of useful tools, resources, and technical support available to assist host governments planning, preparing for, negotiating, monitoring, and implementing large-scale investment projects in the extractive industries, land & agriculture, and infrastructure sectors. The Portal includes:

  • roadmap that visually lays out the investment process, with a brief description of what should happen at each stage of the investment, featured tools and resources, and links to providers that provide support to host governments at each stage;
  • searchable database of major support providers that provide technical assistance on a not-for-profit basis to host governments in the investment process. The database includes detailed information about each provider including the types of support provided, the sector and stage at which the support is provided, the general response time for a request for assistance, and the fee arrangements for the types of support on offer.  A hard copy of a matrix of major negotiation support providers (updated June 2014) is also available;
  • A repository of tools & resources to better inform and guide governments at each stage of the investment; and
  • A list of short term trainings and professional development courses aimed at government officials and policy makers in relation to one or more stages of the investment process in the extractive industries, land & agriculture, or infrastructure sectors.

The Negotiation Support Portal was developed by CCSI in consultation with a wide range of experts from government, the World Bank, civil society, and academia. Funding for the project was provided by the Australian Government and the United States Department of State.  In June 2014, the Negotiation Support Portal was officially endorsed by the G7 CONNEX initiative. A French version of the portal was launched in September 2015.


Beginning on June 15, 2015, CCSI and the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford University launched a series of short presentations by academics, practitioners, and civil society on key topics in international investment law. The series will facilitate open access to cutting-edge research and information, and aims to help enrich discussions about the past, present, and future of investment treaties.


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