Investment Law and Policy

A core part of CCSI’s work focuses on international investment agreements (IIAs), examining how such treaties can be designed to promote the type of FDI that can help countries meet their sustainable development goals, while also leaving governments adequate policy space to regulate in the public interest. This includes various components such as mapping the domestic policy frameworks in developed and developing countries that are governing FDI flows; identifying potential conflicts between IIAs and governments’ domestic policy space and identifying strategies for resolving those tensions in existing and future agreements; and analyzing investor-state arbitration – the mechanism used to enforce IIA obligations – and furthering dialogue and reform efforts designed to ensure that that method of dispute resolution meets the needs of its stakeholders.

Our Activities and Projects

+ Coordinating Multi-Stakeholder and Expert Dialogue

  • Investment Arbitration and Human Rights
    CCSI focuses on the intersection of international investment law and international human rights law, and the impacts of their application for the most vulnerable of rights-holders. Among other things, this includes a specific focus on investment arbitrations, and their implications for the realization of human rights.
  • International Investment and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    In May 2016, CCSI and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples co-hosted a workshop on indigenous peoples and investment. The workshop brought together indigenous representatives, legal practitioners, academics, and other stakeholders to discuss how international investment and trade frameworks, and the international human rights law regime can be reformed to strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Online Forum: New Thinking on Investment Treaties
    Beginning on June 15, 2015, CCSI and the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford University launched a series of short presentations by academics, practitioners, and civil society on key topics in international investment law. The series facilitates open access to cutting-edge research and information, and aims to help enrich discussions about the past, present, and future... read more
  • Columbia International Investment Conference
    Since 2006, CCSI has hosted an annual Columbia International Investment Conference. These annual conferences bring together numerous stakeholders including high-level government officials, corporate executives, investors, academics, and civil society for forward-looking policy discussions of critical issues in international investment for sustainable development. A list of the past Conferences, with links to the programs and materials,... read more
  • Speaker Series on International Investment Law and Policy
    CCSI hosts an annual Spring Speaker Series on International Investment Law and Policy that brings practitioners and experts in the field of international investment law to highlight and explore timely and topical issues or developments in the field. This Series, which is open to and attracts a diverse audience including students, academics, and practitioners, deepens understanding... read more
  • Ad-hoc events
    CCSI regularly hosts speakers, roundtables, workshops, and events on a variety of related topics.

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