Mithatcan Aydos

Mithatcan Aydos is a legal research fellow at CCSI, focusing on investment law and policies in the context of the zero-carbon energy transition, green financing, and sustainable development. Before CCSI, he worked for an international law firm, a specialist in energy and infrastructure, recognized for its practice in commercial and investment arbitration. He worked on several high-stakes disputes, engaged in written and oral proceedings before local courts and arbitral tribunals on a range of issues in the field of investment protection, and crafted dispute avoidance strategies for developing countries and foreign investors in energy, telecommunication, and infrastructure sectors. He received his law degree summa cum laude from the Bahcesehir Istanbul University, along with completion of a double major degree in economics. He spent one year of his economics studies at Berlin School of Applied Science and participated in various research projects at the Center for the Study of European Contract Law at Amsterdam University, and Vienna University of Economics and Business as an undergrad. He holds an LL.M. in International Business Regulation, Litigation, and Arbitration from NYU School of Law, where he was an NYU Public Interest Fellow. Also, as part of his graduate studies, he assisted Prof. Robert Howse on a research project scrutinizing the investment protection perspectives of "green transition" and current debates on the WTO's prospective multilateral Investment Facilitation Agreement for Development.