Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Oil Refinery and Retail Sectors: How Much Have Carbon Majors Contributed to Climate Change?

CCSI is developing a time series of country-specific life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the oil refinery and retail sectors since 1980 in 83 countries. Our forthcoming study, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, will also reveal the contribution of six major oil companies to GHG emissions, based on their sales volumes, refinery throughputs, and operating locations. 

The work builds on the methodology used in Richard Heede's 2014 study, which traced 63% of cumulative global emissions to 90 fossil fuel companies’ upstream production and processes, taking into account the value chains emerging from each barrel of fossil fuel or kilogram of coal and cement produced upstream. 

Both the analytical piece and the database resulting from this project—as publicly available tools—will be resources for other researchers and energy transition advocates to build upon and develop their own use cases, both in the litigation context and in other approaches.