Types Environmental and Climate Change Risks and Impacts

Environmental and Climate Change Risks and Impacts

Assessing Water-Related Legal Risks in the Mining Sector

For this project, CCSI has been conducting a comparative review of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing the use and discharge of water by the copper and gold mining sectors in a selected sample of resource rich jurisdictions, including Chile, China, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Australia (Western Australia), United States (Federal, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico,… read more

Mining and Water Risk: Diagnosis, Benchmarking, and Quantitative Analysis of Financial Impacts

As part of 3-year grant from Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), CCSI is working with the Columbia Water Center to develop and benchmark a modeling platform for quantitatively assessing the environmental risks associated with gold and copper mining projects and their resulting financial implications.

Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change

CCSI has been exploring what strategies fossil fuel companies have embraced in order to address climate change concerns and what responsible investors could request from fossil fuel companies in order to move towards a decarbonized economy.

A Regulatory, Operational and Commercial Framework for the Utilization of Associated Gas

CCSI is working to develop a regulatory and operational framework that would unlock the value of the APG that is currently wasted, in order to improve energy efficiency, expand access to energy, and contribute to climate change mitigation, thus promoting sustainable development.

Renewable Power of the Mines

Mine sites that are remote often rely on off-grid ways to generate power, which cost a lot more. Renewable energy could be a cost-reducing solution and CCSI is researching how to leverage demand from mines to deploy renewables in developing countries.

Critical Minerals For Green Technologies

CCSI is researching how the development of green technology could impact the demand for “critical” minerals.

“Stranding” Fossil Fuel Assets Equitably

CCSI is exploring how equity can be taken into account when thinking through the issue of stranding assets.

Digging Deeper: Water Risks Threatening the Mining Industry

In September 2016, CCSI organized an event for institutional investors to discuss water related risks from an investor perspective (see background brief here) and co-submitted a letter to the SEC to comment on the modernization of property disclosures for mining companies. CCSI also developed a framework to approach the shared use of water and water… read more