Localizing the SDGs in a Mining Impacted Province

CCSI is working with the Nueva Union mining project and the four Municipalities of Huasco Province, Chile to help design a long-term development plan. If approved, the mining project will make up 60% of GDP of the Province and have a big impact on the communities living in the region. As such, planning is necessary to leverage potential benefits of the project and manage negative externalities. In collaboration with its local partner Dinamica Plataforma, CCSI has delivered three outputs. The first deliverable set out international best practices in community consultations. The second highlights the opportunities and challenges that the region faces, and outlines how the mining project and contribute/tackle those. The third, which is yet to be completed, will outline a roadmap to developing a long-term development plan using the SDGs as the guiding framework. There is a big opportunity for the Province and the mining company to set up a data-driven monitoring and evaluation system based on the SDGs that will measure progress and assess how the company is contributing to the achievement of the development plan and SDGs.