Legal Support for Governments

What types of legal support do host governments use in the context of land investments? When negotiating land investment deals, are host governments out-lawyered and out-resourced at the negotiating table? How can legal assistance—whether coming from within government or from external providers—help governments to meaningfully incorporate international best practices around responsible land-based investments into individual projects, and to adequately monitor and regulate such projects? CCSI is conducting research on how host governments access legal support in the planning, negotiation, and monitoring of land investments, with a view to better understanding where legal support gaps for governments exist, and how these can be addressed by governments themselves, as well as by donors, support providers and other international partners. The research, which includes confidential interviews with host governments, technical advisors, and private sector representatives, will culminate in a report that discusses experiences and common challenges, and proposes recommendations for how any legal support gaps identified can be more comprehensively addressed. This work is part of a series of projects and activities, supported by UK DFID, looking at legal support gaps in the context of land-based investments.