Economic and Policy Analysis for Improving Smallholder Coffee Producers’ Incomes

CCSI and advisory board chair Professor Jeffrey Sachs are working with the World Coffee Producers Forum to assess the impacts of the evolving coffee value chain on farmers, and to provide proposals for augmenting farmers’ incomes. The first component of the project will review price developments over recent decades, farmers’ incomes over the same period, the relationship between the two, and factors that have affected farmers’ incomes and earnings. Country case studies will supplement an international assessment. The second component will review initiatives and policies of coffee-producing countries, the private sector, and civil society that have aimed to increase farmer well-being, seeking to understand where initiatives have succeeded or failed, any limitations in scaling such initiatives, and which lessons could be extracted and applied to new proposals for increasing incomes and well-being. The final component of the project will build on these two outputs, providing recommendations for improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers that address both current and future challenges, in particular the implications of climate change.