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Key Online Publications ESMAP – World Bank – Experiences with Oil Funds: Institutional and Financial Aspects (2006) IDS – The Political Economy of Stabilisation Funds: Measuring Their Success in Resource-Dependent Countries (2011) Institute of Economics (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) – Fiscal Institutions in Resource-Rich Economies: Lessons from Chile and Norway (2012) IMF – Fiscal… read more

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IMF Fiscal Rules Dataset IMF Fiscal Transparency Site International Working Group of Sovereign Wealth Funds Natural Resource Charter Oxford Center for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre) Oxford Sovereign Wealth Fund Project NRGI Resource Governance Index (2013) Tufts University Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative   Comprehensive Legislation, Regulation and Reports from Selected Countries Alaska (USA)… read more

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Asset Allocation: A long-term investor’s target percentage allotment between different asset classes, namely cash, fixed income assets (e.g., bonds), equities (e.g., corporate stocks) and alternative assets (e.g., real estate; derivatives). Each asset class has a different risk-return and liquidity profile. Budget stabilization: Mitigation of government expenditure volatility by either saving revenues in a fund or paying down… read more