The E15 Task Force on Investment Policy

The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and the World Economic Forum had established the E15 Initiative, to examine the challenges faced by the international trade and investment regime. One of the project’s Task Forces dealt with investment policy. CCSI’s Karl P Sauvant was asked to be the Theme Leader of that Task Force, with the responsibility of preparing an Overview of the issues, chairing the meetings of the Task Force and formulating the final policy recommendations. The goal was to deliver a credible, actionable and comprehensive set of policy options for the evolution of the global trade and investment system to 2025. The resulting E15 investment policy options paper, released in January 2016, is available here, and the synthesis of the policy options is available here (and in Chinese here).

In the context of that Initiative, he and Khalil Hamdani prepared a “Think Piece” that proposed to launch an International Support Programme for Sustainable Investment Facilitation to encourage the flow of FDI for the purpose of advancing sustainable development.